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What's with Florida deep-sixing its no-fault auto insurance requirement?
If they had passed actual ethics reform, instead of deep-sixing it in bromides, there could have been a believable independent corruption office to take some of the heat off their current plight as compromised self-investigators.
A Media Sanitization Decision Matrix includes information on definitively deep-sixing sensitive information on paper, cell phones, PDAs, copy/fax machines, CDs, and other digital media.
Perhaps most intriguing is the way he's managed to preserve the purposefully discordant sexual energy of his prior work while mostly deep-sixing the T & A.
As usual, players and coaches from both sides favored deep-sixing the season's statistics and records.
We're deep-sixing our current sets," he said, adding that cookbooks are to be "an essential part" of the new-set rollouts, which will also include a "Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies" cookbook set.