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95 purchase to add thousands of dollars to the sale of your home, said store owner Hal Storey, who deep-sixed a statue to sell his Minnesota home in 1964.
Oh, did I mention that the best-of-five format for the opening round has been deep-sixed under our new set-up?
Hopefully, this idea of remote control hunting will be immediately trashed and deep-sixed by every state legislature.
This despicable plan was thankfully deep-sixed when news of the memo set off wide and universal outrage.
Bolton also deliberately deep-sixed nuclear disarmament talks with North Korea and undermined Secretary of State Colin Powell by publicly attacking its leader, Kim Jong Il.
Reform, though, has been stymied by small states or large states, conservatives or liberals, all claiming they'd lose clout if the Electoral College were deep-sixed.
In Geneva in late July, the Administration deep-sixed the effort.
Even before taking office, Bush deep-sixed the White House liaison to gays and lesbians, a position created in the gay-friendly Clinton administration.
But 35 years after the granite columns were deep-sixed into Meadowlands sludge, a plan is afoot to bring back some of the grandeur, in a novel fashion.
There is more support for public funds to support adoption if Roe were deep-sixed (up from 64% to 74%); and a huge increase in the percentage of people who believe that life begins at conception (from less than a majority--41%--to 53%
They contend that the new rules pressure them to hire employees based on race or gender, which was one of-the reasons the old rules were deep-sixed.
Moss, citing confidentiality, refuses to explain why she deep-sixed the searches.
When that happens you are helplessly/hopelessly deep-sixed.
O'Leary deep-sixed the plan and punished the staff members who proposed it.
To his surprise, five lenders deep-sixed his application, and even his long-standing personal and business banker said no.