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He attributed part of the surge in popularity of gaming consoles to new developments such as the Kinect sensor for the Xbox which enables gamers to deep-six physical tools such as mousse and controllers and use only their bodies to navigate their way through gaming adventures.
They want to deep-six the agency, deep-six the subway.
If Rodman turned stomachs after turning heads, they would deep-six the ads.
On second thought, compared to the district's deep-six of a recent study by Deloitte-Touche analyzing management or selectively responding to the comprehensive Anderson study of LAUSD's management system, 52 days may be described as a rapid response.
And so House Democrats face an agonizing choice: oppose the measure and deep-six Obama's economic legacy, or support it and antagonize labor, one of the largest financial constituents in the party.
My advice: Deep-six this particular disappointment and move on until you find a company that recognizes an A candidate when it sees one and hires you.
Which famous military tattoo was dropped ANSWERS: 1 Bantam; 2 A bird; 3 Ernie Wise; 4 Comecon; 5 The French national theatre; 6 A mercury barometer; 7 His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones; 8 The Royal Tournament; 9 Angling; 10 Deep-six.
He said that France will someday be forced to deep-six its nuclear electrical generation as the country moves to more low-carbon footprint technologies.
Senators blast the proposed No-Fishing Zones in Biscayne National Park you'd think that would deep-six the idea for good.
It may not be on the radar screens of a lot of folks at this point, but a growing number of communities are not just staying ticked off at a recent passed House redistricting--they're lining up to deep-six it.
In a hyper-competitive economy, any whiff of dishonesty can deep-six a new enterprise.
And why would you want to deep-six the most widely installed operating system in the world when you own all the licenses?
For example, there are those who have now vowed to deep-six both parties, grinning, "Take that, closed-door Dems.
After Stephen Harper and the Conservatives took power in Ottawa one year ago, they made good on their promise to deep-six the previous Liberal government's promised universal child-care program.
I've figured out how to deep-six that detestable, untestable, pseudoscientific, time-wasting, national embarrassment of a nontheory called Intelligent Design.