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secretly and carefully planned

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What worried him was the wire-cutting; he could not but believe that it was an important part of the deep-laid labour conspiracy.
We impute deep-laid far- sighted plans to Caesar and Napoleon; but the best of their power was in nature, not in them.
I shouldn't wonder if they don't think our coming here was part of a deep-laid scheme to be near our ancestors.
And thanks to the most deep-laid treachery "within the house", the day was lost to the latter.
In a central chapter titled 'Bacon's Godless World', she persuasively links this belief to Bacon's deep-laid, and overtly Nietzschean, conviction in the disintegration of morality and meaning in a world where 'God is dead'.
I am disposed to believing that the Provo strategy, deep-laid by men (and some women) who had spent a great deal of time reading, thinking and discussing such matters in jail and elsewhere, was to ensure Adams was kept clean from any specific action.
The series of crimes organized by the company was malicious and deep-laid,'' the judge added.