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cook by immersing in fat

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We have been trying deep-frying oils that are trans fat-free for some time to gauge customer reaction.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company warns customers to avoid deep-frying turkeys on their kitchen range or cook top because the large equipment may not fit securely, and hot oil could spill onto the electric or natural gas range causing a fire.
He said their recipe meant the smokies were ready to eat and claimed deep-frying enhanced the flavours.
Heat over high heat on stove top until a deep-frying thermometer reads 375 degrees F.
This cookbook has 68 deep-frying recipes inspired by each team or city that make up the 32 professional football teams.
INGREDIENTS: For the kale: vegetable oil, for deep-frying, large handful of kale, ' onion, peeled and sliced, 2 figs, halved.
The pet peeve of Cheng is that the flavor of Chinese cuisine is all too often destroyed by stir-frying, deep-frying and blanketing food with too much sauce.
Ingredients: 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped' 250g/9oz mincemeat' 55g/2oz peas' 2 tbsp soy sauce' 12 sheets filo pastry' 85g/3oz unsalted butter, melted' 1 litre/35fl oz vegetable oil, for deep-frying.
In a wok, heat vegetable oil for deep-frying to 350-degrees F.
The sugar on nuts ``caramelizes'' oil after deep-frying a pound or two and makes it necessary to use fresh oil.