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cooked by frying in fat


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Much to the dismay of nutritionists, deep-fried Mars bars started appearing on chippy menus up and down the country as word spread around the globe.
Deep-Fried Wood Fired Pizza can be found near the Fair's "C" Building at Cardinali's Wood Fire Pizza stand.
Or the 560 calories and 1 7 grams of sat fat in the deep-fried Haystack Onions.
This is the time for funnel cake-flavored beer, deep-fried jumbo gummy bears and the 18-inch Dogzilla bacon corn dog, of deep-fried butter, of volcanic rivers of melted cheese and marshmallow Fluff.
The researchers controlled for factors such as age, race, family history of prostate cancer, body-mass index and PSA screening history when calculating the association between eating deep-fried foods and prostate cancer risk.
The link between prostate cancer and select deep-fried foods appeared to be limited to the highest level of consumption - defined in our study as more than once a week - which suggests that regular consumption of deep-fried foods confers particular risk for developing prostate cancer," Stanford said.
The festive fritters come with deep-fried Christmas pud, cake or mince pies.
Making its entrance this year, joining other greasy treats like fried Kool Aid, Oreos, pickles and butter, is deep-fried cereal.
Alternatively squid may be thinly sliced into rings and used in stir fries, risottos or deep-fried cooked in breadcrumbs, like the calamari you see on holiday.
THE SPECS: Ridged tube of deep-fried dough about 8 inches long, dusted with cinnamon and sugar.
The prawns can then be pan-fried or deep-fried tempura style.
The early birds were lining up to buy Westbrooks' famous deep-fried turkey for their Thanksgiving dinners.
To make deep-fried crispy shallots, peel the shallots.
At the central market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a woman sells the deep-fried variety.
Because they're griddled, not deep-fried, they have half the fat of deep-fried French toast sticks, and 0g trans fat.