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thick in the chest

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Large- or giant-breed dogs are the most commonly affected, and there is an increased incidence in deep-chested large dogs like Great Danes," says surgical specialist James A.
If you have a deep-chested breed, or your dog has a tendency to wolf down food in seconds, there are bowls specially designed to help slow them down a bit at meal times.
Bulldogs), large or obese horses, deep-chested dogs (subcostal views), and small mammals/reptiles, and ISU-LVMC requires a system capable of excellent image acquisition even in this patient subpopulation.
In deep-chested dogs, the stomach aligns in a head-to-tail direction, rather than across the abdomen.
Bloat is commonly seen in large deep-chested dogs such as the Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, Saint Bernards, Great Danes, Irish Setters and Gordon Setters.
As we left the shop, the gaze from the lovely turquoise of my wife's eyes settled on a tall, dark man of Herculean perfection, narrow of hip, deep-chested and broad-shouldered, in red beach shorts, who stepped lightly over the cobbled street to the lake, grey-flecked hair discreetly curling through his casually opened white shirt.
Hence, the issue is more common in the deep-chested breeds, especially German shepherds, great Danes and Briards.
By mounting the grille high up on the front section of the body ahead of an almost-flat bonnet and above a deep-chested front bumper, VW has made it work, seamlessly melding the VW face with a generic pick-up body.
Firouz also worked to prove that the Turkoman horse, a long-necked, deep-chested animal with a glistening coat, was an influence on the emergence of the thoroughbred.
But like a sleeping dragon, it awakened with fury in late January, inflicting aches and pains and deep-chested coughs and sending a slew of weary parents to crowded emergency rooms and doctor's offices.
If you have a deep-chested dog and want to avoid bloat, don't exercise for a couple of hours either side of a big meal.
Finally, some designs are clearly intended for deep-chested, narrow-waisted dogs like our Greyhound testers.
The deep-chested deer was broadside on a little bench, his eyes glued to a rival buck.