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About fifteen years ago you could see the top of a pitch pine, of the kind called yellow pine hereabouts, though it is not a distinct species, projecting above the surface in deep water, many rods from the shore.
They headed for a cliff by the shore--a cliff that ran down into deep water, and plunged into a dark hole at the foot of it, twenty fathoms under the sea.
Away to the northward, out to sea, ran a line of bars and shoals and rocks that would never let a ship come within six miles of the beach, and between the islands and the mainland was a stretch of deep water that ran up to the perpendicular cliffs, and somewhere below the cliffs was the mouth of the tunnel.
Nothing shall serve him longer, not strength nor comeliness, nor his fine armour, which forsooth shall soon be lying low in the deep waters covered over with mud.
Achilles in his turn attacked noble Agenor, but Apollo would not vouchsafe him glory, for he snatched Agenor away and hid him in a thick mist, sending him out of the battle unmolested Then he craftily drew the son of Peleus away from going after the host, for he put on the semblance of Agenor and stood in front of Achilles, who ran towards him to give him chase and pursued him over the corn lands of the plain, turning him towards the deep waters of the river Scamander.
Working in collaboration with scientists from the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences of Eilat and the University of Haifa, Israel, researchers from the University of Southampton set out to resolve why deep water corals glow.
and Abdul Haseeb were taking pictures while standing at the edge of river Swat near Bahrain when suddenly they were slipped into deep water.
This is an economic solution to the problem of installing turbines in deep waters, and could be a revenue earner for the UK if applied worldwide.
The Tornar Deep Water BOP cleaner is an advanced vortex cleaning technology which removes wellbore debris from blowout preventer and marine riser cavities safely, rapidly and reliably in challenging depths, using a powerful vortex suction effect.
As previously-announced, Ecolab secured the US Department of Justicea[euro](tm)s (DOJ) nod to take over sector player Champion Technologies Inc on condition that it takes measures aimed at ensuring continued independent competition utilising the targeta[euro](tm)s technology for deep water Gulf of Mexico energy services.
The acquisition includes BP's 75 percent operated working interest in the five block deep water Pompano field in Mississippi Canyon, a 51 percent operated working interest in the adjacent Mississippi Canyon block 29, a 50 percent non-operated working interest in the Mica field, which ties back to the Pompano platform, and interests in 23 deep water exploration leases located in the vicinity of the Pompano field.
An article on the drilling plans published by the Financial Times yesterday shows how Malta stands at particular risk from the deep water drilling project, being the closest EU country to the drill site.
During the first few laps of deep water jogging my left leg hangs limp.
Like an underwater mountain, the Pipeline reef juts up from the ocean floor, surrounded by deep water.
DEEP water trawling is causing widespread damage to cold-water coral reefs of Ireland and the UK, it was claimed today.