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Initially, broadheads designed to work with the Deep Six inserts will be made exclusively by NAP, which is offering three of its existing designs (Thunderhead Razor, Spitfire Maxx and 2-Blade Bloodrunner) and a new, cut-on-contact head called the Big Nasty that features a solid, one-piece design and over-the-shaft fit for maximum durability.
Laboratory testing using the lnjexion shafts and Deep Six broadheads is impressive, showing 56 percent more kinetic energy than standard arrows at a range of 40 yards and up to 31 percent greater target penetration.
Hypodermic heads are available in 100 grains only, for both standard inserts and Easton's new Deep Six insert system.
The Injexion also features Easton's new Deep Six component system for inserts, fieldpoints and broadheads.
Akasha plays with Evolucion, A Better Fall and Deep Six at 8 p.
The Hypodermic comes in two 100-grain versions--one that fits standard inserts and another that fits Easton's Deep Six inserts.
White Mullet performs with Deep Six featuring Jimmy D'Angelo and Blackwell at 8:30 p.
Music Recycled Dysfuntion, Deep Six, Our Former Selves, 8:30 p.
Easton's Injexion with Deep Six inserts made a big splash in 2012.
They also use Easton's proprietary, stainless steel Deep Six inserts that are 65 percent stronger than aluminum and offer 25 percent more thread engagement than standard inserts.
Music Quadraplane and special guests Deep Six and Altic, 8:30 p.
Music Recycled Dysfunction, Deep Six, Our Former Selves, 8:30 p.
The company also has a new compact broadhead called the DX-3 ($3013, pack), designed especially for Easton's new Injexion arrow and Deep Six Insert system.
The 100-grain Magnum has long been offered with standard threads, but will also now be available with Deep Six threads for use in Easton micro-diameter arrow shafts with Deep Six inserts.
Last year, Innerloc released the Deep Slice broadhead for use with popular Deep Six micro diameter arrows.