deep red

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a deep and vivid red color


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She started when she became conscious that some one was near--started so violently that she dropped the basin with the currants in it, and then, when she saw it was Adam, she turned from pale to deep red.
And what that deep red light in the opposite direction?
Her small but finely-cut and vigorous features, together with the deep red of lips and cheeks, pointed to many generations of well-trained and well-nourished ancestors behind her.
The woodpecker gave a lonely tap now and then on some hollow tree, and the firebird[1] streamed by them with his deep red plumage.
Here, the flickering of the blaze showed preparations for a cosy dinner, with hot plates baking through and through before the fire, and deep red curtains, ready to be drawn to shut out cold and darkness.
It may be supposed, then, Franz did not wait for a repetition of this permission, but took off the handkerchief, and found himself in the presence of a man from thirty-eight to forty years of age, dressed in a Tunisian costume -- that is to say, a red cap with a long blue silk tassel, a vest of black cloth embroidered with gold, pantaloons of deep red, large and full gaiters of the same color, embroidered with gold like the vest, and yellow slippers; he had a splendid cashmere round his waist, and a small sharp and crooked cangiar was passed through his girdle.
The heat that had formerly pervaded his nature, and which was not yet extinct, was never of the kind that flashes and flickers in a blaze; but rather a deep red glow, as of iron in a furnace.
You laugh with gentle laughter, draw back your deep red bow with
69, Sainsbury's): It's deep red with peppered cherries and a smudge of mocha on the nose.
In early autumn they become brilliant orangered and finally a deep red.
The gold and black collection had hints of deep red, deep blue and deep green.
Now there's a wider array of colors: 'Dusky Rose' and two mixes, Tequila Sunrise (soft cream and mandarin red splashed with gold) and Tropical Sunset (carmine, deep red, ruffled flame, tangerine bicolor, and vanilla), are three of our favorites from Renee's Garden (reneesgarden.
Jeanne's green berries ripen to a deep red as they mature to 5-gram size, yielding about 3.
Jekyll, at 60 proof, has a deep red color and a sweet, red berry taste, while Hyde, at 80 proof, is deep black with a spicy licorice flavor.
Glass doors lead to reception where white flooring and a stainless steel receptionist's desk are accented by deep red walls and bright green tufts of live grass.