deep pocket

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a source of substantial wealth (usually plural)

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The results of this analysis are clinically important because deep pockets of this magnitude form the watershed between those patients who can be treated medically with improved hygiene and other therapies and those who may need to be treated surgically with a range of therapies from Root planing and scaling to surgical graft of tissue to the exposed roots.
Joint and several liability encourages the inclusion of deep pocket defendants such as independent accountants, lawyers, directors and underwriters in these suits in order to increase the prospect and size of settlements.
Deep Pockets was an even unlikelier winner of the amateur riders' handicap chase for the Gay Kindersley Salver, as favourite Strongbows Legend winged away until arrowing into the turf three out.
The California Correctional Peace Officers Association and its deep, deep pockets are a political coup for Angelides in his uphill fight to topple Schwarzenegger in the November election.
Because the sale price for Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village is so high, the purchaser would likely be a joint venture between one or more institutional investors, an investor class known for its deep pockets.
In any case, the deep pockets of the world are looking east to Asia.
While any reasonable price control legislation looks unlikely to materialize as long as our politicians remain in the deep pockets of the drug industry and its powerful lobby, we taxpayers are the ones paying for it.
We have a long-standing, clear, and consistent policy of not allowing advocacy ads so that deep pockets cannot control one side of a public policy debate, be it conservative or liberal,'' a network official said.
For example, on the shakeout conveyor, castings with shallow to deep pockets were filled with sand, which resulted in increased sand to the landfill and longer shot blast times.
But how long can Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son fight against the deep pockets of an NTT banded together with the sole purpose of eliminating pesky price-cutters like Softbank?
No, but Kimberly-Clark has deep pockets to be picked," said an article in the May 13 Forbes magazine.
This is especially true now that "the larger companies with deep pockets realize it is much more expedient to be sensitive to [gay issues]," says Kermit Johns, president of Christopher Street Financial, a New York-based investment and advisory firm.
Plenty of good work is going unheralded because PR firms don't want to get involved in what has become a costly, rules-bound ritual dominated by a few firms with deep pockets.
Researchers using animals must immediately find white knights with deep pockets, unite (and avoid squabbling), join and assist other similar fights in society, and, most important, inform the public so it gets on the researchers' side.
Spectrum is awarded by the FCC through a competitive auction process which will represent an additional hurdle for Nextel because of the deep pockets of its principle competitors.