deep freeze

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temporary inactivity or suspension

store in a deep-freeze, as for conservation

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The arctic air mass will arrive in southern Ontario in the coming week and plunge the region into a deep freeze, Environment Canada said.
The Polar Star left its homeport of Seattle in December 2013 on one of its primary missions--Operation Deep Freeze.
Abbottabad also is in deep freeze with sustained precipitation of ice-crystals, so much that Murree-Abbottabad road has to be closed.
As cloud-based technologies grow in popularity and more and more organizations make the switch to the cloud, developing Deep Freeze Cloud is a natural next step for Faronics, said Heman Mehta, product management leader at Faronics.
Putting things in deep freeze is a dangerous tactic; there are a whole range of policy items that can be worked out without being affected by the crisis in Syria.
The Army had not participated in Operation Deep Freeze in nearly 20 years, and this was the first time Army watercraft were used for the mission.
Worldwide Computer Products News-31 August 2009-Faronics unveils Deep Freeze Mac 4.
Right) Members of the New Zealand Defence Force prepare to load baggage on a C-17 prior to an Operation Deep Freeze mission.
HEALTHY mice have been cloned for the first time from bodies kept in deep freeze for 16 years.
A TV advert for WellPatch Deep Freeze Cold Patches, by producer The Mentholatum Company, will run from July to September and will feature action from sports events, with each clip culminating in a crunching impact and the tagline: "Play hard--you can always get patched up".
MERSEYSIDE was caught in a deep freeze today as temperatures plummeted below zero.
Some jump from the frying pan to the fire, others from the cooler to the deep freeze.
Climatologists largely agree that the film's scenario is dramatically exaggerated--a relatively rapid deep freeze could occur, but not that fast.
The third edition of the Refrigeration & Deep Freeze Trade Fair (R&DF), Sept.
But animal welfare groups have urged a more humane method - bunging the toads in the deep freeze.