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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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1] This fasciocutaneous flap consists of skin, subcutaneous fat and deep fascia, and the basis of this flap is blood supply from thoracodorsal artery.
To avoid this complication some authors have recommended leaving a cuff deep fascia around the pedicle3, 10.
To complicate matters, it may be difficult to distinguish other various specialized layers, a concept also mentioned in Gray's Anatomy: "Deep fascia is also composed mainly of collagenous fibres, but these are compacted and in many cases arranged so regularly that the deep fascia may be indistinguishable from aponeurotic tissue" [4].
In our study, fleshy fibres are derived from the coracobrachialis muscle, pass over the median nerve & brachial artery & blend with the deep fascia on the medial aspect of the arm.
Charles procedure was first described in 1912 with radical resection all affected skin and subcutaneous tissues down to deep fascia with coverage using split-thickness skin grafts harvested from the excised specimen.
This tumor involves the deep fascia, skeletal muscles and subcutaneous tissue.
4) The usage of the terms superficial fascia and deep fascia is considered incorrect by the FICAT because histological terminology referring to layers of the connective tissue varies too much internationally to be generalized by these two terms.
Eosinophilic fasciitis is a scleroderma-like syndrome of unknown cause characterized by inflammation, followed by sclerosis of the dermis, subcutis, and deep fascia.
The skin, subcutaneous tissue and deep fascia were incised at the superior border of the flap.
The skin and its appendages, and the subcutaneous tissue, deep fascia and muscle, can all develop infections under various circumstances.
Heavier women in the study were older, were more likely to be postmenopausal, had larger tumors, had more positive lymph nodes, and had more tumor invasion into deep fascia than did those with a BMI less than 25 (all P values less than .
The deep veins lie beneath the deep fascia and carry the bulk of the blood back to the heart.
Scanning can confirm that the local anaesthetic has spread to contact the deep fascia on each side A subcutaneous wheel of local anaesthetic along the penoscrotal junction completes the block.
Covering the fossa to form a roof are the dense, circularly arranged fibres of the fascia lata, which pass distally to become continuous with the deep fascia of the leg.