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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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To complicate matters, it may be difficult to distinguish other various specialized layers, a concept also mentioned in Gray's Anatomy: "Deep fascia is also composed mainly of collagenous fibres, but these are compacted and in many cases arranged so regularly that the deep fascia may be indistinguishable from aponeurotic tissue" [4].
In this prospective study, we examined the incidence of glove perforations using both a novel barbed suture technique and standard suture for deep fascia closure in arthroplasty surgery.
The skin and its appendages, and the subcutaneous tissue, deep fascia and muscle, can all develop infections under various circumstances.
Scanning can confirm that the local anaesthetic has spread to contact the deep fascia on each side A subcutaneous wheel of local anaesthetic along the penoscrotal junction completes the block.
Covering the fossa to form a roof are the dense, circularly arranged fibres of the fascia lata, which pass distally to become continuous with the deep fascia of the leg.
The all-new silhouette, with a steeply raked windshield, expressive hood and deep fascia, gives the Jeep Compass its modern, yet capable appearance.
The deep fascia is new, as are the centre console and instrumentation, while there are satisfying amendments to the switchgear.
Understated black trim with deep fascia to a rather large Californian-style rear end, this is pretty car which will look so at home on the harbourside at Puerto Banus.