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a deed made and executed by only one party

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Neil said: "I wanted to do something different and I was inspired by Natalie Robinson who changed her name by Deed Poll in aid of Forget Me Not Trust.
The Deed Poll Name Change system allows anyone in the UK who needs to officially change their name, and have a legally authorised document to confirm this, to simply fill in their details in to a simple website form and receive a copy of their change of name document by download.
Meshing has changed from once being a rare novelty to now being noted as being one of the main reasons couples may use a Deed Poll to change their names," The Telegraph quoted Claudia Duncan, an officer at the UK Deed Poll Service, as saying.
The dad of two, who works night shifts at Asda, then changed his name by deed poll after his workmates bet him he would not do it.
The court heard that following his conviction here he changed his name by deed poll and returned to Spain.
A RECORD number of people changed their name by deed poll this year - some to bizarre ones including Her Majesty The Queen, Willy Wonka and Miss Jelly St Tots.
A Birmingham Liberal Democrat candidate has leapt to the top of the ballot paper for May's local polls after changing his name by deed poll.
THE deed poll service would not be in existence if there were no demand
We have had so many examples since this thing began six months ago that I'm starting to think either hundreds of people are changing their name by deed poll or everyone called Cooper has decided to make barrels.
My name was changed,by deed poll, to his many years a go.
Changing it by deed poll is expensive but, for a modest fee, a magistrate's court can issue a name-change certificate.
Seafood company Young's has sponsored flamboyant Labour MP Austin Mitchell to change his name by deed poll to Austin Haddock in support of Seafood Week.
The evidence required varies, depending on the purpose for which it is needed and can include: a letter from a responsible person; a public announcement; a statutory declaration; a deed poll.
Birmingham Coroner's Court heard that Ms Bottrill was single and she had changed her name by deed poll around 15 years ago.