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He called and beckoned through the narrow opening, but no Lily-Bell answered; and he wept sadly as he thought of all she had done for him, and that now he could not go to seek and help her, for he had lost his freedom by his own cruel and wicked deeds.
But few believed him; for they remembered his false promises and evil deeds, and would not trust him now; so poor Thistle found few to love or care for him.
Here I will stay awhile, and try to win by kindly deeds the flowers' forgiveness for the pain and sorrow I brought them long ago; and they may learn to love and trust me.
So he tried to show, by quiet deeds of kindness, that he meant no harm to them; and soon the kind-hearted birds pitied the lonely Fairy, and when he came near sang cheering songs, and dropped ripe berries in his path, for he no longer broke their eggs, or hurt their little ones.
No, no, that were very cruel, dear Buzz," said little Hum; "let us take him to our Queen, and she will tell us how to show our anger for the wicked deeds he did.
The Meeting is to be held for the purposes of considering and, if thought fit, passing the Extraordinary Resolution, the text of which is set out below, which will be proposed as an Extraordinary Resolution in accordance with Condition 12 (a) (Meetings of Noteholders; Written Resolutions; Modification and Waiver) and with the provisions of the Trust Deed.
This article discusses the Murphy deed reservations and the continuing recovery of right-of-way cost savings for taxpayers and state and local governments.
A deed of variation allows the beneficiary of a will to re-write the will of someone who has recently died, so the estate goes to someone else, often to the person for whom the money will be treated in the most tax efficient way.
Whether the contract creates a present obligation on the seller to execute and deliver a deed and a present obligation on the purchaser to make payments;
Mortgage-backed securities: Bond-type investment securities representing on undivided interest in a pool of mortgages or trust deeds.
Students are nominated during the week by a school staff member who witnesses them doing the good deed.
His chief enemy is Sir Ian Rochester (Simon Chandler) from the Lord Chancellor's department, who is furious when the new Presider, Sir Monty Everard (Simon Ward), gives Deed a controversial case against a mobile phone company.
There aren't enough good deeds that Fujimori could have done to make up for such a crime as this.
You talk about Judaism's emphasis on being over doing, but how are sacred deeds important?
Meanwhile, Deed is presiding over a case involving two policemen accused of assaulting a hunt saboteur and leaving him in a coma.