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Synonyms for D

a fat-soluble vitamin that prevents rickets

the cardinal number that is the product of one hundred and five

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denoting a quantity consisting of 500 items or units

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Dee knew that her two biggest passions, mothering and midwifery, had been born into her heart for a reason.
ey shared anecdotes about the city and Dee answered listeners' questions.
We wanted to use the former sea cadet building for the Big Dee Day launch but the challenge is immense - it hasn't been used for over two years and we have three weeks to get it ready
Dee Dee, who previously worked as a nightclub manageress and a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, then turned her idea into a business plan for her PS2.
A former flatmate entered Sony Music's Darlinghurst headquarters and confronted Jay Dee over a personal issue.
Dee also had cameo roles in films, including The Italian Job.
In the third essay of this section Jim Reed, a professional cryptographer, deciphers the mathematical structure of the "magical tables" of the Book of Soyga, a text treasured by Dee and recently discovered by Deborah Harkness.
Together, Dee and Barnes saw the birth of paradise as the zoo assembled its acclaimed animal and botanical collection.
The great actress Ruby Dee, Ossie's widow, adds dimension and insight to each piece.
I love it," says Dee Dee, who lives in nearby Rood Ashton.
For example, the greater the danger, the more dee syllables the birds tend to add at the end of "chicka.
Actress Sandra Dee, who was married to pop singer Bobby Darin, died yesterday.
MUM Dee Wilkinson was horrified when her month-old baby's pram toppled over.
VALENTINE'S DAY is set to be extra special for the second year running for Coventry couple Dee Steele and Trevor Taylor.
In this historical fiction fantasy, true-life 16th-century alchemist John Dee is caught up in a world of spirits.