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involving inferences from general principles

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If an agent is certain of a claim p at time t or p is a claim deductively entailed by a certain claim then [P.
0, transcripts were deductively categorized and predominant themes and subthemes were identified across focus groups and cross-checked with the respondent validation surveys (Miles & Huberman, 1994).
And falsifiable statements were those that contained, among other things, "observation sentences" of the sort that "proposition P is falsifiable if and only if P deductively implies at least one observation sentence O.
Codes were deductively and inductively derived and checked to ensure these harmonized with the context of the interview statement.
This means that teachers are encouraged to make their decisions deductively, moving from the data to decisions about what to do, rather than from a student and to how to respond to her needs.
4) Strong foundationalists seek epistemic certainty by arguing deductively and inductively from secure foundational beliefs.
For example, in the context of the VMT, Krishen, Raschke, and Mejza (2010) use an experimental setting to deductively illustrate how various message framings are more (or less) effective for prevention-oriented (those who focus on avoiding loss) versus promotion-oriented (those who focus on achieving gain) individuals.
Statistics is different than mathematics in that conclusions do not necessarily follow deductively.
The poet] is not working deductively from a highly articulated image, a careful scheme of values; he is trying to find the values, find the ideas, by a process of trial and error And the writing is the process in which the imagination takes the place of literal living; by moving toward values and modifying, testing, and exfoliating older values.
Deductively, analysts fail to apply the general body of knowledge about warfare to the specific situation at hand.
Next, I changed direction and started working deductively to see whether each argument was evidenced throughout the data.
Constructivist rationality is based on the logic of Descartes (Cartesian logic), which advocates that human reason can deductively construct human institutions through the conscious molding of human behavior.
Deriving the concept of labour power as a new determination is not a diachronic process of deductively unfolding the category 'commodity' to a more concrete level of abstraction (Callinicos, 2009: 32).