deductive reasoning

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reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect)

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A number of laboratory studies have examined how emotion and mood influence deductive reasoning (e.
From the speech's rough draft in Washington, to Lincoln's railway journey, its revisions, and its battlefield presentation, Writing the Gettysburg Address spares no detail, and applies literary and deductive reasoning to the circumstances and motivations of the major players in the speech's creation.
This finding of Eggen, Lynden-Bell, and Sandage is considered a classic of deductive reasoning.
You don't have to be up to speed on your deductive reasoning to figure out whodunnit, you have to be Mystic Meg.
In Argentina, short-story writers such as Borges and Bioy Casares popularized the detective as a pure thinker, one who resolves cases by means of a complex system of deductive reasoning facilitated by keen intelligence.
Harnessing brain's spatial areas improves deductive reasoning
It doesn't take Sherlock long to change his mind about the tutor since Amyus Crowe, an American, makes the world a classroom and deductive reasoning the curriculum.
Deductive reasoning results from the evidence that people see in murder-mystery movies--the smoking gun, witnesses, DNA, fingerprints, and other tangible facts and clues.
A glance to aims of learning mathematics in secondary schools in curricular documents in any country shows that students should learn the principles of deductive reasoning.
If the goal of the action was impossible for her, then another set of brain regions involved in deductive reasoning were also activated.
Teachers may also choose to incorporate these puzzles in group settings so that students can justify their deductive reasoning and collaborate with peers.
Most prominent among them were the Mu'tazalites, Ibn Sina, Faraby and the greatest champion of rationality and deductive reasoning, the Andalusian Ibn Rushd.
However, if they were to employ deductive reasoning, they would realize that the children who excel in school actually spent their early years in play-based programs.
Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning were scored on the CCTST.
In both cases there is an inductive-deductive model at work: the 'first principles' of both science and morality find their source in inductive reason, and the first principles constitute the starting-points of deductive reasoning.