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involving inferences from general principles

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Deductive pedagogy, with its theoretical tendencies, suggestion of hypothesis-construction, but lack of empirical ground upon which to test them, reflects rationalism.
In the words of the game's inventors: "Becoming acquainted with mastering the Kaleidoscope Classic gives entry into embryonic forms of mathematics, especially geometry, where logical deductive thinking based on a smaller number of principles is essential".
He proceeds to contrast this "dialogue theory of explanation" with Hempel's deductive nomological, or covering law, model (pp.
Keywords: Deductive Databases, Linear Recursive Rules, Same Generation Query, Parallel Databases
Of the two Sherlock Holmes stories, I liked "The Copper Beeches" better because it gives Holmes more of an opportunity to display his deductive brilliance.
The class helps students with deductive reasoning and problem solving, said science teacher Liz Virnelson, who brought the class to the school.
Each mystery requires students to use deductive reasoning skills, draw inferences, take notes and organize data as they analyze the evidence and eliminate the suspects one by one.
In the last installment we discussedf the rapid increase in mold litigation, and how in many of these lawsuits, the basis of the claims result from purely faulty deductive logic.
Reichert employs a foundational conception and a deductive approach to rights where one frames the laws or defines the conventions (for example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), then derives what rights a person has from these and seeks to apply them without question.
There is nothing we can say to someone who rejects the axioms and inference rules of deductive logic without begging the question.
William is a mix of Sherlock Holmes and PBS' Brother Cadfael, a thoroughly modern medieval who uses scientific and deductive methods to ferret out the monastery's mysterious murderer.
Deductive reasoning refers to the process of applying known rules, theories, and laws to a specific set of propositions (i.
Argumentative knowledge construction is also related to basic research from cognitive psychology, philosophy, and linguistics, especially with "inductive and deductive reasoning", "causal reasoning", "abductive reasoning", "Baysian reasoning", "adaptive thinking", or "intuitive judging" (e.
Ingenium's biology-based target discovery technology, Deductive Genomics, involves a functional genomics analysis of an entire mammalian genome to locate novel therapeutic entry points to treat disease.
The type of reasoning focused on in this article is deductive reasoning.