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Antonyms for deductible

(taxes) an amount that can be deducted (especially for the purposes of calculating income tax)

a clause in an insurance policy that relieves the insurer of responsibility to pay the initial loss up to a stated amount

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acceptable as a deduction (especially as a tax deduction)

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LTCI deductions have only been legal since HIPAA came into effect in 1997, and at that time their deductibility at first applied to a relatively narrow set of policies.
One of the true benefits of mortgage loans, whether stated or not, is deductibility of interest; however, lenders are not (nor do they want to be) in a position to represent that interest is actually deductible for every borrower that may take out an advertised loan product.
If double taxation is so unfair that Oregon needs to eliminate it, the job could easily be done: Erase the cap on deductibility, and adjust top state income tax rates to produce a revenue-neutral result.
Draft of Proposed Legislation Relating to Interest Deductibility and Other Expenses--Abandon the Statutory Reasonable Expectation of Profit Test
This legislation increases the deductibility limit to 140% of current liability, allowing plans to save more for future retirees and avoid future funding shortfalls.
Absent a specific ruling on the deductibility of laser eye surgery, all of the evidence, including the definition of medical care costs and the letter ruling, would lead CPAs to believe the costs are indeed deductible.
According to the groups, tax deductibility would promote Finland towards a true information society, as tax breaks could hasten the spread of broadband Internet accounts and further the utilisation of computers.
Quickly, tire Ryan-Jefferson M1 deductibility leg islation amassed support from both sides of the aisle--but it never gained enough steam to roll into the House tax cut package.
States do not tax distributions from 529 plans, and many grant state-tax deductibility to contributions.
IRA deductibility depends on your AGI and coverage by a retirement plan.
Camp has also been active in support of the tax deductibility of long-term care insurance, Medicare payment for dialysis service, the House prescription drug task force and many other proposals to help the elderly and disabled we serve.
The plan also may be opposed by organized labor and have IRS deductibility problems.
The concepts of risk shifting (the transfer of risk to a third party) and risk distribution (the sharing of risk among unrelated parties) defined how the IRS would question premium deductibility.
That's because popular provisions such as the deductibility for college tuition and an adjustment of the Alternative Minimum Tax rates, now set to expire mid-decade, will most likely be extended.
Religious institutions and all charities are granted two valuable benefits - tax exemption of their income and tax deductibility of their donors' gifts.