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capable of being deduced

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The term deducible means that the prediction will be 100 percent guaranteed accurate about a one-time event (that is, hanging), so such a prediction can be uttered only once a week, not each day anew.
Accordingly, he eschews consideration of those "secondary or deducible Laws of Nature" which English lawyers typically identifed with the "maxims" of common law (B1, 72r).
In Section 4 some complementary points will be presented, with special emphasis on results obtained beyond the Standard Model and not being deducible from other theories.
Thus, a conclusion is deducible when it has been necessarily inferred from its premises.
In a research performed by Radford and colleagues, it becomes deducible that poor clients can not resolve their financial problems with small amount of banking facilities and on the contrary, small amounts of banking facilities can lead them to more poverty and debts.
states that "Dreams are, in part, deducible from the Impressions
The significations deducible from the "second life" of "acquired ideas", as manifested in the language of narrative, cannot be divorced from the rearousal of intense sensations, which have firmly imprinted themselves on the body.
a known or deducible domain name is important to companies seeking to do
A deconstruction of these terms should uncover meanings deducible, logologically as Burke (1968) might say, from the terms.
a] group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words" (Oxford English Dictionary [OED], 2008).
The concise facts deducible from the available record are that Complainant/Respondent No.
Although these findings may appear to be intuitively deducible, our study is the first to demonstrate that routine HIS does not meet expectations of HMs of regional Sri Lanka.
What is deducible from the above consideration of the attitudes of our courts to the practical application of the two concepts is that judges in this period (second republic) appear to favour a restrictive interpretation of the court's judicial review power.