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the loss of specialization in form or function

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94,97) A potential problem with this approach is that it may rely on the relative stability of a particular marker in a particular cell type despite the fact that the system being interrogated is ripe with opportunities for cellular plasticity, not the least of which potentially includes active differentiation and dedifferentiation of the cells in question both in the tumor environment and in vitro.
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma: a clinicopathological analysis of 155 cases with a proposal for an expanded definition of dedifferentiation.
Phenotypic switch, often considered as dedifferentiation, of VSMCs plays a vital role in atherosclerosis.
Conclusions: CTGF contributes to the maladaptive fibrotic phenotype via upregulation of various fibrotic factors, induction of epithelial dedifferentiation, suppression of cell growth, and epithelial cell-cell cross-talk.
7) Several studies revealed that the pathogenesis of PGC can be explained by the dedifferentiation of malignant adenocarcinoma tissue to the level of the embryonal ectoderm, retaining the ability to form trophoblasts.
Dedifferentiation is an about-face toward that blank slate.
This relatively new technology involves the formation of cells that have many molecular and physiological qualities of embryo-derived stem cells but are developed through the dedifferentiation of mature, adult cells.
This tumour was a follicular variant of a papillary tumour, with anaplastic dedifferentiation.
The pathologic process of metaplastic ossification has been postulated to involve osteoblast progenitors, which may arise from (1) differentiation of pluripotential cells that are already present in the stroma of nasal polyp or (2) dedifferentiation of mesenchymal cells.
The same response pattern was described by Hosoki and Asahira (1980), who suggested that the basal region of leafs of bromeliads presents vascular elements that can contain competent cells for dedifferentiation when activated by growth regulators.
The regeneration of these injured peripheral nerves is associated with the demyelination, dedifferentiation, and proliferation of Schwann cells, which takes place serially.
Mutant p53 gain of function can be at the root of dedifferentiation of human osteosarcoma MG63 cells into 3AB-OS cancer stem cells," Bone, vol.
The hypothesis about the opportunity to regenerate overloaded heart, was gained by the fact, that the return to fetal phenotype and cell dedifferentiation become an introductory allowable state for regeneration after stress.
The most confusing histopathologic similarities are noted between MTSCC and papillary renal cell carcinoma, especially the one with sarcomatoid dedifferentiation.
In those years of dedifferentiation, Tom's drawings could be found at a magazine shop near campus in a range of publications from hard-core porn to Representations.