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having experienced or undergone dedifferentiation or the loss of specialization in form or function

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Dedifferentiated liposarcoma with rhabdomyoblastic differentiation in an 8-year-old girl.
Conversely, increasing GABA levels after inducing retinal damage suppressed proliferation of dedifferentiated Muller glia.
The histopathology of the lesion was malignant adipose tissue tumour suggestive of dedifferentiated liposarcoma and the overlying skin being free from tumour.
Chemotherapy is indicated in dedifferentiated or metastatic tumours.
In Study 309 patients with liposarcoma were categorized into three subtypes, dedifferentiated liposarcoma, myxoid/round liposarcoma and pleomorphic liposarcoma, and additional analyses were carried out on each subtype.
Phase II trial of the CDK4 inhibitor PD0332991 in patients with advanced CDK4-amplified well-differentiated or dedifferentiated liposarcoma.
It is generally accepted that the terminal plates play an essential role in growth due to stem cells and the dedifferentiated cells associated with them (Mooi and David, 2000; Carnevali, 2006; Hotchkiss, 2009).
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma: a report of nine cases with a peculiar neurallike whorling pattern associated with metaplastic bone formation.
The technology is based on the unlimited proliferation potential of dedifferentiated, stem cell-like plant cells.
Expanding the spectrum of malignant progression in solitary fibrous tumors: A study of 8 cases with a discrete anaplastic component--is this dedifferentiated SFT?
Her Tower, then, is a double form of iconoclasm: A twisted, crippled figure in black-painted steel more than ten feet high, twenty feet wide, and one hundred feet long, this is a modernism cut at its joints and listing, its disparate ideological resonances as comprehensively dedifferentiated as its silhouette.
Remember: a defining attribute of a dedifferentiated cell is the loss of mitochondria.
The dedifferentiated cells can then differentiate into cardiomyocytes spontaneously.
Therefore, the expression of these pluripotent related genes may convert somatic cells to partially dedifferentiated state after treatment with extracts.
This is a transmembrane protein not expressed in normal kidney but upregulated in dedifferentiated proximal tubule cells after ischemic or nephrotoxic AKI [33, 34].