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lose specialization in form or function

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It was previously postulated (Pandey, 1973) that the young microspore has four possible kinds of potencies: to develop normally into a male gametophyte, to develop into a female gametophyte (giant embryo sac-like pollen grains from certain species, see Pandey, 1973 for a review), to develop into a sporophyte (embryo), and to dedifferentiate into a callus.
It is possible, however, for these tumors to dedifferentiate further into a more aggressive form, with the possibility of metastasis.
The parenchyma cells on either sides of these medulary vascular bundles and at the position corresponding to the intrafasicular cambium dedifferentiate.
He proposed the hypothesis that vascular smooth-muscle cells in atherosclerotic plaque are stimulated by cytokines to grow and dedifferentiate into synthetic cells that are unresponsive to calcium channel blockers.
As in nonmalignant tumors, cells have lost their normal control, often dedifferentiate, and grow in an inappropriate place.
Three 9th grade students from Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Teaneck, NJ stretched their imaginations and won second place in the 7-9th grade category for REGENX: Human Limb Regenerative Protein Cocktail Injections, a novel bioengineered approach to limb regeneration whereby injections containing an individual's own tissue would be introduced into the site of an amputation to dedifferentiate adult somatic cells back to stem cells and redevelop tissue and limbs.
Auxin induces cells in the pericycle and parenchyma to dedifferentiate and enter initial cell divisions.