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Synonyms for dedication

Synonyms for dedication

complete and wholehearted fidelity

a ceremony in which something (as a building) is dedicated to some goal or purpose

a short message (as in a book or musical work or on a photograph) dedicating it to someone or something

the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action

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to attend Saturday's dedication of the World War II Memorial.
The award will be given annually to an individual who demonstrates a selfless dedication to improving world health.
The monument was opened April 29 to visitors in advance of the May 29 dedication ceremony.
The involvement with Community Food Share, as well as the Values in Action program, are all part of the company's dedication to sustainable business practices.
Citi card members will have access to presale tickets toTHE DEDICATION TOUR beginning Wednesday, Dec.
Complimentary shuttle bus transportation will be available to and from the hotel to the dedication ceremony.
Their dedication and commitment has meant that they have not only achieved, but exceeded, the targets set.
Jacobs assumed her post three years ago, she was unaware of the dedication agreement.
Hospital benefits specialist Loyce Lacson said it was wonderful to see the dedication and commitment exemplified by Henry Mayo's employees.
Not many people know this but in 1759 Laurence Sterne tried to auction off the dedication to his masterpiece, Tristram Shandy - and failed.
During almost three decades, more than any other individual, her professionalism and dedication have made NANews what it is today: the best magazine of its kind.
The MTNA competitions would not exist without the dedication and efforts of the competition chairs and coordinators from state to national levels.
From this grows a reminder for underwriters to focus on what keeps the insurance industry stable--the dedication to basic underwriting practices and continuous education.
THROUGH MY website advice column, I'm inundated with email from frustrated teachers and choreographers who feel that today's young dancers don't seem to possess the commitment or dedication to rehearsals and/or classes that young dancers once did.