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Synonyms for dedicated

Synonyms for dedicated

given over exclusively to a single use or purpose

Synonyms for dedicated

devoted to a cause or ideal or purpose


solemnly dedicated to or set apart for a high purpose

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I am grateful to each and every member who has worked dedicatedly to make this achievement," said Banagas general manager Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.
On this occasion, Provincial Scholors Task Force (PSTF) president Maulana Hussain Ahmad threw light on the work of Ulema in this nobel cause and he assured that Ulema would play their key role dedicatedly in creating awareness in the community regarding health issues.
He said that the government should work more dedicatedly to suppress terrorism in the country.
The World Teleport Association has been dedicatedly working to enhance the business of satellite communications since its inception thirty years back.
He directed secretary health to provide incentives to the doctors who were working in Thar so that they might work dedicatedly.
He has dedicatedly worked to promote communal harmony through his books and talks.
The hockey World Cup, which has been followed dedicatedly, ends a day after the IPL starts and it wasn't surprising that many fans, who till last year had memorised the matches and schedules, found it tough to name the teams in the opening encounter.
It is, now, our duty to work dedicatedly for the progress of our homeland, he said.
The Chief Minister directed that overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab should work efficiently and dedicatedly for addressing the complaints of Pakistanis living in foreign countries.
In addition to this, it is involved dedicatedly to develop the next generation of mobile broadband and voice technology - 5G.
He said that police should perform its duties efficiently and dedicatedly to foil the nefarious designs of anti-social elements while police officers should personally remain present in the field.
The governor was a brave person who dedicatedly worked for the rights of oppressed, and he was the foremost politician who talked about elimination or to amend Blasphemy Laws in the country that are being wrongly used for exploitation of minorities in particular," she added.
Appreciating the efforts of his team, he said that the team members put in a lot of effort, worked dedicatedly, carried out extensive Consultations and came up with comprehensive roadmap 2014-19.
Reliance Energy, the distribution wing of Reliance Infrastructure, has inked a memorandum of understanding with the US-based Innovari Inc on the extension of the Automated Demand Side Management (ADSM), as the Indian firm works dedicatedly to introduce futuristic technology to render benefits to the residents of Mumbai.
He said that the present government is dedicatedly oriented to provide well laid out means for Pakistanis to build upon their well deserved future plans.