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bent down or curved downward

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The buzzard's elongated beak lacks the powerfully- decurved hook typical of other birds of prey, and their legs and feet are relatively weak.
Peduncle 17-22 cm long, decurved but ascending distally to bring the inflorescence in an oblique upright position, densely covered by peduncle bracts which nearly completely conceal the peduncle; peduncle bracts ovate, acute and apiculate, smooth but finely nerved when dry, minutely and sparsely lepidote.
Uncus undivided, robust, strongly decurved with hook at caudal end; tegumen hood-like with pair of lateral processes from caudal end slightly divergent, slightly decurved, toothed along central edge; vincular arc [we use this descriptive term for the combined and often curved ventral appendix of the tegumen and dorsal appendix of the saccus (e.
19); phallobasal process long, spinose, tapering distad, arising from base of aedeagus dorsally, slightly decurved, longer than half of aedeagus (Fig.
Ungainly it may be, with a long decurved bill and gangly legs, but its inky dark frame had no problem flying steadily along into the strengthening south westerly, while other species struggled.
complanata has multiple decurved thin flower spikes emanating laterally from the axils of the leaves.
The individual captured had a strongly decurved bill (typical for the genus) and was bronzy green above, dark green on the crown and nape, heavily streaked (sooty and white) below, with a bifurcated tail which was bronzy green and broadly tipped with white.
Face shining, polished; clypeal furrows distinct, widely separated, very weakly converging dorsally, extending nearly half distance from ventral margin of clypeus to toruli; row of 3-4 long, weakly decurved setae in each clypeal furrow; 3-4 pairs of decumbent, medially directed setae above and lateral dorsal margin of clypeal furrow; longitudinal row of 6-7 setae extending along inner eye margin onto malar sulcus.