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a reclining position (as in a bed)

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In 30 patients both PA and opposite lateral decubitus views showed pneumothorax.
Decubitus (also known as bed sores) refers to tissue damage caused by constant pressure on the same spot.
His co-guardians filed suit against Kateri Residence and the hospital regarding the patient's admission and negligent treatment for decubitus ulcers in the area of the buttocks and sacrum.
La NLPC en position de decubitus dorsal a ete decrite pour surpasser ces inconvenients et pour simplifier la procedure.
In the study, 30 men and 3 women with a mean age of 70 underwent densitometric vertebral fracture assessment with standard left lateral decubitus positioning and right lateral decubitus (reverse) positioning.
The CHF patients spent a significantly shorter time during sleep in the left lateral decubitus thanthe right lateral decubitus position; the control subjects spent an equal amount of time in both.
The adhesive is contraindicated for use on any wounds with evidence of active infection, gangrene, or decubitus etiology.
People with diminished sensation and movement, such as those with spinal-cord injury (SCI), are constantly on guard against decubitus ulcers.
The prevalence of decubitus ulcers is chosen as a quality indicator because good estimates of treatment cost of decubitus exist in the literature.
HCFA will be looking to ensure the nursing home industry has developed strategies to prevent dehydration, malnutrition, and decubitus ulcers.
Decubitus Ulcers are lesions resulting from tissue damage caused by constant pressure of the patient's bodyweight.
Objective: The anti-decubitus system jumpair will benefit a large number of patients who are suffering of decubitus ulcers (deu) or they are running the risk to suffer it by remotely monitor ulcers biomarkers to improve early diagnoses through deu prevention, And then through an advanced deu treatment providing alerts at critical situations by the adoption of smart relevant ict solutions for the health, Well-being and well-ageing of patients.
2,3) Often these patients report late with decubitus ulcer.
Hatch[R] ShearStop[TM] Elbow and Heel Pads with LiquiCell[R] technology help prevent bed sores by reducing both pressure and shear stress (the primary causes of decubitus ulcers) through constant liquid flotation and soft foam padding.
SAN DIEGO -- Suspect neglect until proved otherwise if an elderly patient presents to the emergency room with tattered clothing, poor skin integrity, decubitus ulcers, diarrhea, urine burns, or urine excoriation, Terry Fulmer, Ph.