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a reclining position (as in a bed)

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The location of the mass will change, depending on the location of that patient's ipsilateral arm and whether the patient is supine or in a decubital position.
The calf drank from a bottle twice a day for a week, but then was euthanized for humane reasons (infected decubital ulcers).
Stage IV decubital ulceration was present on the left hip.
Herbst Cradle[TM] from Brown Medical Industries is a new ankle/foot orthosis product used for the treatment of plantar flexion and Achilles' contractures, and for prevention and healing of decubital ulcers on the heel and malleoli.
Immobility, combined with sitting in a wheelchair, demands a proper prophylaxis of pressure gangrene[18] Additional incontinence in 20% of the patients increases the risk of decubital ulcers.