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the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text

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The poll official explained that during the decryption, the decrypted ballot images, taken from SD cards duly submitted by Comelec field officers, will be printed.
Leni Robredo initially tried to postpone the scheduled decryption reasoning that they only brought two revisors.
So, the authors proposed a novel anonymous multi-receiver encryption, in which receiver's decryption key is fixed.
One of the main efficiency drawbacks of the existing ABE schemes is that decryption involves expensive pairing operations and the number of such operations grows with the complexity of the access policy.
With the addition of decryption and decode functionality, Sentry ABR gives service providers the breadth and depth of monitoring they are accustomed to with linear-based services.
After outsourcing, the computational cost at user side during decryption is reduced to approximate one pairing, which is constant.
Encryption and decryption modes of AES and RC2 require approximately the same amount of energy for the same information.
The encryption and decryption are done with the secret keys [[beta].
For example, encryption and decryption are compute-intensive activities that can slow access to stored data, especially when organizations are storing and accessing massive amounts of information.
One portion of the proposal, called Alternative V, would extend such anti-circumvention restrictions to encrypted broadcast signals, effectively outlawing decryption of all kinds.
The administrator program utilizes AES encryption to encrypt images and issue user decryption keys.
7814-W implements the Electronic Codebook and the Cipher Block Chaining modes of operation for both encryption and decryption, and supports key sizes 128 bit, 192 bit, and 256 bit.
Hard disk encryption systems like Guardisk secure all the data on a PC hard disk and then usually provide automatic, on-the-fly decryption services for the user.
This is achieved by relieving networked Web servers of performing the CPU intensive SSL encryption and decryption calculations associated with c-commerce applications.
US entertainment companies and organisations, such as the Motion Picture Association of America, had sued the teenager for DVD piracy when he cracked the encryption code protecting DVDs and put the decryption code for public use on the Internet.