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  • verb

Synonyms for decrypt

to find the key to (a code, for example)

Synonyms for decrypt

convert code into ordinary language

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For more information, please visit the ApexSQL Decrypt product page.
A decryption key extracted from the Mac OS computer is required to decrypt system keychain.
A regional appeals court rejected her appeal, and she was ordered to decrypt the information in February.
Finally, Bill receives the message sent by Alice, and decrypts the message by testing the biometric keys in his database against the received cipher text.
Re-keying is the operation where a new key is used to encrypt and decrypt data.
Easy Encrypted File Sharing: Files shared between users of the software decrypt automatically.
The management team at the factory must keep a record of the exact time of the message transmission, the public key used to decrypt the message, and a record of the encrypted message.
To decrypt the message, all the recipient needs is your password.
That's why I've always admired the NSA, and been vexed by the efforts of civil libertarians and computer-privacy freaks to block NSA's ability to intercept and decrypt communications.
The specific mathematical procedure used for encrypting and decrypting data might contain a loophole that a malicious eavesdropper could exploit to intercept and decrypt a message without having to factor a large number.
The Server Version, which can decrypt an unlimited number of PDF files in one batch previously encrypted at up to 128 bit AES, costs EU350, and is already fit for Adobe Acrobat 8.
While search results are encrypted, the key necessary to decrypt the search results can also decrypt all of the data, so it is necessary to strictly manage the key.
Recipients of the secure mail can use any freeware PGP-format client to decrypt the message.
The Chrome extension will provide extra security for users by encrypting outgoing emails, which the message's receiver can decrypt them at their end.