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  • verb

Synonyms for decrypt

to find the key to (a code, for example)

Synonyms for decrypt

convert code into ordinary language

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Once the DEK [data encryption key] is recovered, an attacker can read and decrypt any raw disk sector, revealing decrypted user data.
The tool can decrypt the content of system and user keychains, exporting full information into an unencrypted XML file or building a plain text dictionary for using with password recovery tools.
Elcomsoft Password Digger is a Windows tool to decrypt information stored in Mac OS X keychains.
Likewise encrypted incoming messages will also stay that way until the user opts to decrypt them through their own browser.
The suspect refused to supply the passwords in time for his appearance before a federal grand jury in Florida and in response to a later court order requiring him to decrypt the hard drives, the WSJ reported.
The researchers say that they have used the so-called BioVault infrastructure to provide a safe and secure way for "Alice" and "Bill" to share biometric tokens, and so use their fingerprints, iris pattern, or other biometric to encrypt and decrypt their data without their biometrics being intercepted.
A key must be distributed to all systems that will encrypt and/or decrypt data.
Easy Encrypted File Sharing: Files shared between users of the software decrypt automatically.
Your files will be stored on Solagent's server, where you can retrieve and decrypt them using a custom tool.
And, of course, vice versa - you use a correspondent's public key to encrypt a message before you send it and only that person can then decrypt it.
Rather than the "pernicious and draconian" bill, Cyber-Rights suggests a bill based on the US Security And Freedom through Encryption (SAFE) bill, which merely imposes a "key holder obligation to decrypt.
That's why I've always admired the NSA, and been vexed by the efforts of civil libertarians and computer-privacy freaks to block NSA's ability to intercept and decrypt communications.
The specific mathematical procedure used for encrypting and decrypting data might contain a loophole that a malicious eavesdropper could exploit to intercept and decrypt a message without having to factor a large number.
The Server Version, which can decrypt an unlimited number of PDF files in one batch previously encrypted at up to 128 bit AES, costs EU350, and is already fit for Adobe Acrobat 8.
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can obtain the escrow key and instantly decrypt BlackBerry Password Keeper containers extracted from BlackBerry 10 backups.