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And many among that majority on March 5 had come to office decrying the sad state of public education.
joined voices with leaders in the travel industry community in decrying Tuesday's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, saying that "the spirit and resilience of the American people will not be diminished by these horrible acts.
Visually, the show is fun, and there are some bright moments - Mom gets picketed by protesters decrying her desecration of sacred tombs; when Alice enlightens teen girls about being objectified, they end up playing volleyball in burqas.
As a child, I heard more sermons than I can count decrying the evils of alcohol and gossip, lying and stealing.
Decrying the lack of leadership when it comes to developing a cleaner power supply system, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown praised the City Council vote saying, "Local governments must show the way to energy independence by buying green power.
Despite decrying the effect of those expenditures on the election, the City Council rejected a plan last fall that would have limited contributions from individuals to the independent committees.
An anonymous letter decrying the project circulated to several homes near the proposed development last week.
Environmentalists opposed the 66-foot tall dam, decrying the loss of 40 oak trees and because they believe the site not sound for building.
About 30 of SAG's 98,000 members marched outside the guild's headquarters, decrying the plan that would allow independent production companies and advertising firms to take an ownership stake in talent agencies.
A day after I criticized KABC-TV (Channel 7) for its cursory coverage of the protest violence Monday night outside the Democratic National Convention, the station did smart, sterling work on Wednesday's skirmish between police and protesters decrying, among other things, police brutality.
Joe Lieberman as his running mate was a positive step - a man who has stood as the moral conscience of his party in recent years, decrying the immorality of Bill Clinton and the amorality of some of the products flowing out of Hollywood.
North Hollywood activist Ivan Shinkle filed a class action lawsuit, decrying the surcharge as illegal under Proposition 218, which requires voters to approve new taxes.
Decrying the low turnout for Tuesday's election, Los Angeles City Councilman Joel Wachs proposed Thursday that future city elections be consolidated with federal, state and county elections.
Decrying the ``forces of evil,'' Pope John Paul II used his Easter Sunday blessing to send a message of hope to victims of violence in Africa and Albania.
Within an hour of the news conference, opponents held their own briefing, decrying the industry's system because it does not use the letters ``V'' for violence, ``S'' for sex or ``L'' for language to tell parents why a show has been judged inappropriate for certain ages.