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Amnesty International is absolutely right[in seeking to decriminalize prostitution and recognize it as a human right]
In a vote of eight to three, the National Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that the State is not obligated to protect life from the moment of conception, backing the 2007 law that decriminalizes voluntary abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Even though Bailey's proposal would decriminalize polygamy for Mormon patriarchs and postmodern polyamorists, she has almost nothing to say about those groups.
Her organization works to decriminalize marijuana but doesn't condone its use by teenagers.
Although it began as a low-key exchange - with Garcetti and Cooley voicing agreement on a range of issues such as opposing measures to decriminalize drugs and rejecting the notion that movies and television affected violence - it quickly turned harsh.
Navy's efforts to detect heroin, sweat patch testing, and proposals to decriminalize heroin in order to forstall deaths from impure drugs.
One glaring example is in California, the first state to decriminalize medical use of marijuana, and the place where the hemp industry was born.
In addition, the settlement agreement provides that the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization and Attorney General Myers will make a good faith effort to secure an amendment of the statute during the State's next legislative session that would decriminalize the use of a non-accredited degree as long as degree holders disclose their schools' non-accredited status when stating their credentials for business or professional purposes.
While only a small number of states have made marijuana legal, many are tinkering with ways to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the illegal substance.
As more states decriminalize marijuana, lawmakers should consider requirements - such as child-resistant packaging, warning labels and public education - to reduce the likelihood of ingestion by young children.
The Chicago City Council voted Wednesday to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and will start issuing pot tickets to violators beginning Aug.