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legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal

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Last year the same BMA meeting agreed to do some research into decriminalization of abortion and a 52 page briefing document was produced.
So I created this funny, informative, entertaining cana parody website 4 the National Decriminalization of Cannabis and Free Enterprise.
com/marijuana-legalization-tennessee-weed-possession-memphis-penalties-get-overhaul-2426881) decriminalization bills  in September while Memphis took similar measures a month later in Memphis.
Motivations to cultivate cannabis could be induced by the decriminalization of personal use and possession of cannabis.
The seminar aimed to make a substantial contribution to the efforts of the Turkmenistan's Government as the country has recently declared its initiatives on humanization and decriminalization of the administration of criminal justice.
Decriminalization is limited realizable and no one suggests decriminalization from the murder, theft, and fraud" [2], and "it means decreasing the number of criminal prohibitions in the criminal law".
In February 2014, city council members preliminarily approved a decriminalization bill that replaces criminal penalties for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana with a $25 civil fine.
Under the law on decriminalization of defamation, the plaintiff is granted a chance to pick whom they would sue--the journalist, the editor or the legal entity.
Those who are against decriminalization argue that such policies could lead to an increase in drug use and drug addiction, but some studies carried out in Holland, where marijuana has been decriminalized since 1976, have proven that this is not the case.
The arguments of those supporting the decriminalization of polygamy are given scrupulous attention.
The report describes recent experiments with decriminalization and advocates a shift in policy from criminal sanctions to legal regulation.
According to her, the first issue is the set of laws referring to elections, which are largely harmonized with the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations; the second is the law on decriminalization of defamation and libel, which is harmonized with the Council of Europe; and the third is the report referring to the Ohrid Framework Agreement implementation.
If we accept that prostitution will exist despite laws and moral condemnation, then perhaps we should consider the implications of decriminalization, regulation or stricter criminal laws.
The Government shot two bullets at the Macedonian journalism on Wednesday - A2 TV was closed and the agreement with the Macedonian Association of Journalists (ZNM) for decriminalization of slander was presented, Xhelal Neziri comments for Friday's leading article.
Recent gender studies about criminality have tended to focus on the decriminalization of same sex relationships or on controversies about a woman's right to choose an abortion.