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legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal

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A decriminalization bill failed in the Senate last year.
According to them, the previous law did journalists justice more considering it made it clear that those reporting what has previously been said in public by someone else will not be punished for slander, which, in their view, is not the case with the present law on decriminalization of defamation.
Uruguay could become the first country in the hemisphere to go beyond decriminalization.
Decriminalization, Trafficking and Youth in the Sex Trade
Among the issues involved in decriminalization is the possibility that reduced enforcement of the marijuana prohibition will lead to increased use of marijuana by youth and, via the gateway drug effect, increased use of hard drugs.
The stated purpose of decriminalization and regulation--Netherlands had laws similar to Canada until 2000--was to eliminate forced prostitution, de-link organized crime and the sex trade, protect prostitutes and address human trafficking (paras 185 to 190).
Is there greater shame than having to suspend A2's license on the same day the partisan people boasted with the reached agreement over decriminalization of the slander?
What about the de facto decriminalization of rape within the legal system?
The decriminalization measure of 2008 offered no coherent or compelling logic for allowing individuals to possess an ounce of marijuana or less for personal consumption.
The objectives included discussing the issue of abortion and the different country contexts, sharing what women are doing in different countries for social and legal decriminalization of abortion, learning about the policy proposals of each group and each action.
Some groups argue that the decriminalization movement does not represent the voices of marginalized sex workers.
draft declaration that condemns discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and endorses the decriminalization of homosexuality.
The law in question was the decriminalization of homosexuality back in 1988.
LRB 3671--which addresses decriminalization for unintentional medical errors and protection of information regarding such errors with the health care facility's peer review and quality improvement program, will be circulating very soon.
Subject: Would decriminalization make prostitution safer?