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A bench of Justice GS Singhvi and Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya will deliver the verdict on a bunch of petitions of anti-gay right activists, social and religious organisations against the high court's 2009 verdict decriminalising gay sex.
Clegg says he is against illegal drug use, then wants to look into the policy of decriminalising the same drugs.
While we strongly urge the government to consider decriminalising abortion completely, we call on officials to at the very least amend the draft penal code and remove the most harmful barriers to obtaining safe and legal abortions.
The war on drugs has been "nothing short of a disaster" and it is time to study other options, including decriminalising possession of drugs and legally regulating their production and supply, Mr Ainsworth said.
A CHARITY that helps addicts in Huddersfield said decriminalising drugs was not realistic idea.
Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, expresident of the Royal College of Physicians, insisted drug laws should be "reconsidered with a view to decriminalising illicit drugs use".
THE Government should consider decriminalising drugs because the blanket ban has failed to cut crime or improve health, according to a leading doctor.
Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, a consultant at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and former president of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), said he agreed that drug laws should be "reconsidered with a view to decriminalising illicit drugs use".
In October 2008, the state Parliament of Victoria passed the Abortion Law Reform Bill, decriminalising abortion.
A senior Scotland Yard officer was at the centre of a row yesterday by saying he would have 'no problems' decriminalising all drugs.
Well I'm sorry, but the effects of decriminalising a drug which has seen more than 70,000 people arrested over the last 25 years can't just be brushed under the carpet.
Having watched her son's life ruined by addiction, Ms Hill thinks durham PCC Ron Hogg's comments on decriminalising thinks Durham PCC Ron Hogg's comments on decriminalising drugs are "ridiculous".
More than half the public - 53% - support legalising the production and supply of cannabis or decriminalising its possession, a survey ordered by the Transform Drug Policy Foundation found.
He added: "My assessment is cannabis should be legalised and we should look at very seriously decriminalising the other drugs.
Decriminalising possession of drugs would allow addiction to be treated as a "health matter", he said, adding, "Addicts who get clean generally stop committing crime.