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legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal

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I am astounded that the chief constable is repeating his call for decriminalisation at a time when so many experts have warned us about the dangers, and when there have been apologies for the decriminalisation campaign of ten years ago.
Nuneaton and Bedworth has the highest crime and disorder rate of all the districts so it's a high priority for us to get decriminalisation fast-tracked to this borough.
But he said that his party would not be calling for decriminalisation in its general election manifesto, because they wanted to wait for expert advice.
Given the rising trend of child prostitution, it is probably unwise to talk about decriminalisation because it will send the wrong signals to girls, to the pimp and to the client.
Mr Chohan said: "Although it is not possible to consider Church Lane at the present time, it could be added to the city council's list of such requests for consideration following the introduction of decriminalisation of parking enforcement.
Switching from police control to local council enforcement under the guise of decriminalisation was heralded as something motorists would welcome.
Mr Lewis said, ``Leanne Wood supports the full decriminalisation of cannabis.
The move from Class B to Class C means the drug will be effectively decriminalised by July next year, although Mr Blunkett denied it amounted to legalisation or decriminalisation.
The MSP renewed the Nats' calls for the decriminalisation of prostitution but failed to win the backing of the other parties.
Just when the government is introducing a kind of back-door semi decriminalisation of this herbal remedy, Mr Laycock gets a sentence you'd expect for major GBH.
Traffic officers at Warwickshire County Council said there was little to do until decriminalisation came into force, which would transfer responsibility for parking patrols from police to the district council.
Citilink general manager Peter Cosgrove, who was born and brought up in the city, believes the decriminalisation of parking will make Liverpool cleaner and safer.
My concern goes even further: it is that through decriminalisation we will encourage the development of a society where millions of young people are demotivated, thinking about only their next fix instead of looking at broadening their horizons.
Decriminalisation would make the possession of a small amount of cannabis an offence which would be treated on a level with a minor speeding offence.