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A former writer for the Los Angeles Times, Easton seeks to excavate what she calls the "hidden history" of the baby-boom generation: the political rebels on the right who emerged on campus in the 1970s and decried the established liberal order.
Had Greenspan stuck to the knitting rather than poke his nose in places it did not belong, he would not have engineered the credit crunch that has turned the exhuberance he decried into the anxiety currently on vivid display.
The association decried women working in factories and attributed the shocking increase in juvenile delinquency to women working outside the home.
He cites accounts by contemporaries who decried the overcrowding, indiscriminate mixing of patients, and inadequate or nonexistent medical care in prerevolutionary hospitals.
Ed Malone, CHA president, and John Bell, CHA director general, decried the action, as did Jorge Davila, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Co.
He also decried the exploitation of immigrants escaping Ireland's potato famine.
Simonde de Sismondi, whose Histoire des republiques italiennes au moyen age (1802-26) decried the Medici and other Renaissance princes as tyrannical and corrupt.
What originally had been described as the "magic" of the photograph, or its capacity to present a glimpse of something utterly Other, was decried as being nothing but a lingering bourgeois myth, the residue of an elitist tradition.
For years, AIDS activists and their congressional allies have decried slow federal reaction.
Despite the fact that he decried the withdrawal of land from potential development, Michels said he knows the world is an environmental mess and that only changes in corporate and individual behavior will save the planet.
The School of Management was founded in 1973 by two female Harvard Business School professors who decried the classroom focus solely on men as business leaders.
The head of Yes Bank in India has decried a section of its shareholders move to vote on the appointment of directors.
Summary: Rabat - Ivorian NGO "SOS commerE*ant en difficultE[umlaut]s" decried on Friday in Abidjan, the declarations of the so-called Aminatou Haidar.
It decried the magazine's decision to name Guzman on the list, calling it an insult to the government's bloody struggle against drug cartels.
Local Jewish groups decried the union hosting such events, and UTLA President A.