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Synonyms for decreed

fixed or established especially by order or command

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From the former of these, he derived an agreeable person, a sound constitution, a solid understanding, and a benevolent heart; by the latter, he was decreed to the inheritance of one of the largest estates in the county.
But it was decreed by fortune, my perpetual enemy, that so great a felicity should not fall to my share.
Pardoned Individuals: Amnesty Decree a Chance to Not Repeat Mistakes against Country and Citizens A number of the people released according to the amnesty decreed said that the decree is chance for returning to society and not repeat what they did before, hoping for security and safety to be restored to Syria.
Bliss, the court-appointed special master who calls the shots at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, decreed that the MTA must purchase some 145 new buses this year, at an estimated annual cost of $40 million.
The Reconstruction Law abolished the popular assemblies of the separate German states and decreed that "the sovereign powers of the laender are transferred to the Reich.