decree nisi

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a decree issued on a first petition for divorce

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Nigella and Charles won't be divorced by the end of the July, the decree nisi will be pronounced by the end of the July," she said.
The Scots singer and her former drummer received their decree nisi, declaring their four year marriage had "broken down irretrievably" due to KT's "unreasonable behaviour".
Toby Hales, a partner in the family department at Hodge, Jones and Allen, said: "Even if Cheryl and Ashley manage to persuade the court staff to work as hard as possible, there is an enforced wait of six weeks between the grant of decree nisi and decree absolute.
The only present I'd want from Brian today is a decree nisi.
The gruesome twosome, who first groped each other on ITV's I'm A Celebrity,were granted a decree nisi in less than a minute.
The US singer - who was granted a decree nisi in her divorce from Guy just over a week ago - has reportedly made plans to get rid of love tokens given to her by the film director and changed the answer phone message at the house they once shared.
A decree nisi in Ciccone M L v Ritchie G S was due to be announced at the high court's family division.
Their decree nisi is to be announced at 10am in Court 10 of the Principal Registry of the High Court's Family Division.
Mr Justice Bennett pronounced a decree nisi at the High Court on the grounds that the pair had been separated for two years.
We obtained our Decree Nisi some 18 months ago, and I have been told that I cannot make the application now.
The couple are splitting on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and a decree nisi is expected next month.
Lord Tryon was granted a decree nisi on September 1.
Neither appeared at Manchester county court where the decree nisi was granted at 10.
Prosecutor Stephen Duffield said: "As a consequence there was an application for a decree nisi made in November.
She was granted a decree nisi on the grounds that her marriage has irretrievably broken down because of his unreasonable behaviour.