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becoming less or smaller




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Pan by pan, he went up the stream, the tally of results steadily decreasing.
His daughter attended him with the greatest tenderness, but she saw with despair that their little fund was rapidly decreasing and that there was no other prospect of support.
Our slender resources had suffered already, and the doubtful future--more doubtful than ever now-- made me dread decreasing our means unnecessarily by allowing myself an indulgence even at the small cost of a double railway journey in the carriages of the second class.
and much backing of paddles, and heaving of the lead into a constantly decreasing depth of water, we dropped anchor in a strange outlandish-looking nook which nobody on board could recognise, although there was land all about us, and so close that we could plainly see the waving branches of the trees.
One wretched breathless child, panting with exhaustion; terror in his looks; agaony in his eyes; large drops of perspiration streaming down his face; strains every nerve to make head upon his pursuers; and as they follow on his track, and gain upon him every instant, they hail his decreasing strength with joy.
This done, she begged them in a kind of deep despair to drink; then laughed, then cried, then took a little sip herself, then laughed and cried again, and took a little more; and so, by degrees, the worthy lady went on, increasing in smiles and decreasing in tears, until at last she could not laugh enough at Miss Monflathers, who, from being an object of dire vexation, became one of sheer ridicule and absurdity.
added "the Company believed that deregistration will benefit the Company by decreasing certain expenses and free up management and Company personnel to remain more focused on operating the Company rather than satisfying the increasingly burdensome securities law reporting requirements.
New York City received the Community Traffic Safety Platinum for the third time by achieving a 49% decrease in driver fatalities while decreasing pedestrian fatalities by 73%.
Average replacement costs for the year demonstrated further improvement from last year, decreasing from $6.
Interest and fees on loans decreased 17 percent, from $24,207,000 to $20,149,000, due to both decreasing interest rates and an 11 percent decline in loan balances.
Cutbacks in payroll and benefits and lower advertising and marketing expense contributed significantly to decreasing operating expenses.