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becoming less or smaller




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The instruments show a rapidly decreasing air pressure on all parts of Barsoom--the engine has stopped.
91 thousand tonnes oil equivalent (toe), decreasing by 393.
Lower capital expenses by increasing the efficiency of storage/server hardware, decreasing the number of server/storage units and the amount of network infrastructure and associated racks needed for the hardware.
As the temperature rises, the solvents evaporate, which allows the part 1 and part 2 to react more quickly, further decreasing the benchlife of the sand mix.
Our model shows that MEHP acts on the granulosa cell by decreasing cAMP stimulated by follicle stimulating hormone and by activating the PPARs, which leads to decreased aromatase transcription.
Thus the continual depletion of ZDP from fluid A causes the fluid to be of continually decreasing aggressiveness during impulse testing or on vehicles, which qualitatively explains the decreasing aging rate seen in figure 4.
The Medicare consumer can be predicted to oppose VPS in the long term if the provider argument of decreasing access to care and eventual rationing under a budgeted restriction on the growth of Medicare axlej itures is correct.
However, the trend is towards equipping with TFT-LCD and the increasing space for CSTN-LCD is limited while the decreasing space for TFT-LCD is limited too.