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Synonyms for output

Synonyms for output

the amount or quantity produced

Synonyms for output

production of a certain amount


signal that comes out of an electronic system

the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)

what is produced in a given time period

to create or manufacture a specific amount

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In the gravity-affected vertical position, multiple factors may lead to decreased arterial or venous circulation, such as decreased cardiac output or loss of auto regulation.
1) However, fluid administration may have adverse effects, including decreased cardiac output, and interstitial fluid accumulation which may worsen gas exchange, decrease myocardial compliance and limit oxygen diffusion to tissues (2-5).
However, over-diuresis can produce excess volume depletion, which leads to a decreased cardiac output.
In the presence of mitral stenosis, previously asymptomatic women can become seriously compromised by the decreased cardiac output caused by the stenosis and the increased intravascular volume of pregnancy.
Such drugs include non-selective vasodilators (nitroglycerin or sodium nitroprusside), which are associated with decreased cardiac output, potential organ ischemia, and other adverse effects.
We conclude that low-dose A VP infusion has similar effects in the normal and septic mammalian circulation: bradycardia, decreased cardiac output, decreased mesenteric blood flow and conductance and increased urine output and creatinine clearance.