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Synonyms for decoy

Synonyms for decoy

a beguiler who leads someone into danger (usually as part of a plot)

something used to lure fish or other animals into danger so they can be trapped or killed

lure or entrap with or as if with a decoy

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If you haven't had much luck decoying deer in the past, try this method and see how your luck can change
The reason decoying works under the right circumstances is buried firmly in the natural behavior of whitetail deer.
That was my reaction when I received and began reading Decoying Big Game, an all-new 232 page hardcover book from The Lyons Press.
I've made an outfit with leather on the knees and elbows especially for decoying.
DECOYING ANTELOPE BUCKS within close bow range is a widely accepted approach.
That's why many choose open spaces like field edges and feeding areas for decoying.
If the heavenly spigot was left on, or if clown-like feet hamper your stalking abilities, consider decoying.
Ironically, I have found that most of the decoying mallards come up the diver line just like bluebills and redheads.
Decoying ducks and geese and turkeys and even doves can work like a charm.
For some reason, we seemed to have lost the art of decoying and are now seeing a resurgence in using them to hunt.
Decoy manufacturers not only have caught up, in many cases, they've raised the decoying bar to new heights.
In areas where the herd is well balanced and the bucks have been able to grow to maturity, decoying has offered many good opportunities at quality bucks since I started using them 10 years ago, It wasn't always easy at first--still isn't--but through trial and error I have been able to fine-tune my approach in using them to the point that I now get more positive than negative results.
Today, Mark believes in decoying so strongly that he sets his decoy up in the open at every stand site to try and lure in a buck from hundreds of yards away.
Just because you get burned once, or even twice, by a wary doe that blows and runs off with your buck, doesn't mean decoying is useless.