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Synonyms for decouple

disconnect or separate


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eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosive)

reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another)

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Further demonstrating the significance of Orica earning this recognition was that Trucost had to include up to 114 Decoupling Leaders across 19 sectors on its inaugural list.
It favours full decoupling but says Welsh beef farmers should be compensated through Pillar 2 environmental funds and the Welsh regional envelope.
Regardless of the purpose for the capacitor, when a decoupling capacitor is mounted on the PCB the inductance associated with the capacitor mounting geometry usually dominates the effectiveness of this capacitor (1).
F] CP MAS cw proton decoupling in PVDF-C0 and are acquired at spin rates of 15 kHz with a contact time of 100 [micro]s (Fig.
Figure 2 shows low, high and decoupled magnetization data that clearly indicates the importance of the decoupling process in determining intricacies in pipeline damage.
It would not be surprising to see states decoupling from the Federal DPAD provisions in 2006 or subsequent years, and even making such provisions retroactive for a year or two.
An IMF report in April, written when the US downturn was mild, was sceptical about the decoupling theory then more in vogue than now.
Decoupling is a silly idea, based on bad economics--and on some Europeans' reluctance to accept the fact that Europe's short but sweet economic expansion is coming to an end.
It would also implement a decoupling mechanism to help stabilize revenue by separating or "decoupling" company revenue from the volume of gas sold, CenterPoint said.
THE European Commission must confine itself to only a "health check" when it re-examines its policy on subsidy decoupling next year, says the National Beef Association.
Decoupling the environmental impacts of transport from economic growth.
S&P Fund Services lead analyst Roberto Demartini says that a year ago fund managers believed that fundamentals for emerging countries were stronger than ever before and there was a lot of talk about the decoupling theory, which sees emerging countries performing independently of the developed world.