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  • verb

Synonyms for decouple

disconnect or separate


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eliminate airborne shock waves from (an explosive)

reduce or eliminate the coupling of (one circuit or part to another)

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The One Princeton card may be the first decoupled debit card in the country to bring a local market focus and charitable purpose into its value equation, according to the president of the Princeton Merchants Association.
So, as an eminent member of the EME club, we are in a position to ask whether Turkey has decoupled from advanced economies in recent years.
Figure 15 compares the II' and 'G' ratings under the adopted BUG system per Addendum A to the decoupled ratings.
There were two subsystems which were controlled by decoupled multiple model control.
They should confine themselves to disease control, food safety issues, farmyard research, the promotion of overseas marketing and assistance for farmers, through knowledge transfer and other tools, as they meet the challenge of the move from coupled to decoupled production systems.
By NPE time, a two-year effort by Engel and RJG resulted in Decoupled Molding screens appearing on Engers new CC200 controller--a first for any machinery OEM.
Notably, "without justifying the chosen 65%:35% split between decoupled and coupled aid, the Council has made choices whose arbitrariness violates the principle of proportionality", said the advocate general, whose advice is expected to be adopted by the full court.
The data gathered from the high and low magnetization signals combine to provide the decoupled signal.
The most clearly enunciated positions on DPAD conformity come from the states that have specifically rejected it; Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, North Dakota and West Virginia have explicitly decoupled (7) from IRC Sec.
In a letter to the OFT, NBA chairman Robert Robinson said that with subsidies decoupled from production, farmers would no longer be able to underwrite the retailers' price wars.
Much like the manner in which software was first decoupled from hardware, to allow more flexibility in its mapping to business processes, data was then decoupled from applications.
He says decoupled payments will prompt the disillusioned and desperate producers to simply stop milking.
He says decoupled payments will prompt disillusioned producers to simply stop milking.
Of this set, the lowest frequencies are not as susceptible to being blocked by parasitic inductance, and they can be decoupled by capacitors placed almost anywhere on the board.
Scientists say that such explosions have been decoupled from the cavity they're in.