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removal of the outer covering of an organ or part

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As a bonus, the by-product from decortication is usually converted into organic fertilizer or biomass, leaving nothing to waste and increasing the yield for local farmers.
Caption: The automated process of decortication, which separates natural fibres such as hemp or flax from the remaining components of the plant stem, is carried out at FibreCITY, a Winnipeg-based centre of excellence for agricultural fibre grading and an initiative of the Composites Innovation Centre.
After two weeks of continuing pain and fever, a decision was made to do a left sided decortication through Video Assisted Thorascopy (VATS).
Surgical management of pleural disease can take the form of open surgeries, which include decortication, pleurectomy, and extrapleural pneumonectomy, and minimally invasive video-assisted thoracic surgeries (VATS), which may involve pleurodesis.
Objective: To confirm that either Fibrinolytic therapy or open decortication which of the two is an effective First line treatment of pleural empyema.
The determination of the remained plants (leaves stem and seed), which have been recovered after decortication the dropping, is based on the use of herbals and seeds collected of some of these plants in the study area.
Localized presence of different reduction stages, such as core testing or decortication at collection sites, or discard of more carefully finished tools at hunting or fishing sites, would indicate increased logistical mobility.
Decortication, resection of the right upper lung lobe, and drainage of the empyema were performed on the third day of hospitalization and a chest tube was inserted.
Usually, this has been described as a rare complication after drainage of pleural effusion or pneumothorax;[sup][1],[2] however, occasional cases of RPE after excision of the large hepatic cyst, giant mediastinal tumor, or decortication have been reported.
Decortication of the ridge was performed using a round bur to achieve bleeding points.
The decortication, the peeling off the usurped still life paintings from these exhibited spurious polychrome porcelain flower vases is conceptually destabilising, ceramically speaking.
8] compared streptokinase with normal saline and reported that the need for surgical decortication was higher at 30 days in the normal-saline groups.
During a subsequent admission, he required ventilator support and thoracoscopic decortication due to empyema from aspiration pneumonia.
Laroche also focused on their low cost process for the decortication of bast fibres as well as on a tailor made post-consumer clothing recycling process for high production of fibers with optimum quality for technical applications.
The company said it has obtained a 70,000 square-foot North Carolina factory building on eight acres to house the decortication equipment.