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removal of the outer covering of an organ or part

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14) Among clavicle nonunions not involving radiotherapy, decortication with plate osteosynthesis proved both to be a reliable and lasting solution.
He subsequently had a left thoracotomy with primary repair of his esophageal perforation and left lung decortication.
Therefore, with IAN injuries, the possibility of decortication of the mandible over the distal portion of the IAN should be evaluated, and the distal portion of the IAN and mental nerve should be posteriorly repositioned to facilitate end-to-end repair before considering a nerve graft.
A partial decortication of the right pleura was performed.
Core-preparation included the use of lames a crete, but decortication was never extensive and pieces with some dorsal cortex were still being produced late in the use-lives of the cores.
En fait, apres une decortication subtile du concept afferent aux constituantes de ces antagonismes, l'intervenant tenait un discours aussi bien degage qu'interpellant.
Ultimately, he required bilateral video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for decortication of the empyemas (5,6), at which time extensive left lower lobe necrosis was noted.
Last, surgical intervention with decortication or chest thoracostomy for necrotizing aspiration pneumonia, lung abscesses, and empyema may be required.
Concomitantly, he had decortication of the left lung and evacuation of the empyema.
The reduction in the number of decortication flakes associated with the Middle Industry also suggests that more primary core reduction/testing was done at the source, while the proportion of small flakes, flakes with dorsal median ridges and focalized platforms, show that this was the time when knappers exercised most care in setting up core morphology and detaching flakes.
Recently, the company announced that North Carolina, where its decortication plant is located, passed a new bill that legalizes CBD/Hemp Oil.
Aussi bien a Tiznit, Ait Melloul, qu'a Agadir, il etait question de la decortication des passages fondateurs sur lesquels se sont penches les membres du Comite central et au terme desquels des recommandations de haute valeur analytique ont decoule, en termes d'elaboration d'idees et d'actions concretes afin de contribuer a juguler les effets de la crise qui emaille la situation economique et sociale du pays.
Following decortication of the spinous processes and laminae in preparation for instrumentation, bleeding increased greatly, requiring nine units of packed cells up to 1800h to maintain blood pressure.
Partial decortication was possible in most of them.