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to remove the skin of

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remove the outer layer of

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However, in Sri Lanka, such cooking and processing techniques cannot be adopted as lentils available for consumption are already decorticated and split.
Local bone graft was packed over the decorticated laminae and facet joints and the rods were inserted and secured.
In dry processing, cherries are harvested, dried whole and then mechanically decorticated (hulled) in order to extract the green coffee bean.
Sorghum was decorticated and milled at the Food Research Center in Shambat, Khartoum North and stored at 4 [degrees]C until used.
7] Occasionally, the fertilized egg will lose its mamillated layer and these decorticated eggs are then seen in the stool.
Although the Last Night always attracts the most media attention, it's musically by far the least-interesting concert in the entire series, so the Promenaders who attend this institution are usually the self-obsessed, tone-deaf ones who look as though they should be in an institution, an overwhelmingly male sea of unwashed, decorticated, first-year physics undergraduates in their fifties, whose mothers long for the day when they'll finally be able to tell neighbours: "he's bringing a lady friend home for tea on Sunday.
The idea, the sensation, the moment of intuition are decorticated and communicated with intimacy and lucidity.
The husks are mechanically decorticated in the EPV processing facility and the fibre is made available to company members for manufacturing yarn in their homes.
Whishaw, and Derek van der Kooy, "Brain Development in the Neonatally Decorticated Rat," Brain Research 397:2 (November 12, 1986), 315-26; P.
A flour snack (300 g), decorticated beans (300 g) salt (30 g), water, margarine and assorted spices GA Leaf Dry GA leaf Powder (200 g), peanut Powder-Peanut paste (1 kg).
The biomechanical testing was conducted in 5pcf (pounds per cubic feet) bone block, a substance with a density equivalent to the worst-case, poorest-quality decorticated humeral bone.
The decorticated seed cake is a good source of protein for livestock (35%), especially when made from whole seed.
The anterior glenoid neck was then rongeured to bleeding decorticated bone.
The posterior arch of C1 and the C2 lamina and spinous process were decorticated with a high-speed drill, and the remaining matchstick bone graft was placed.
According to the traditionally documented procedures in the areas where Kava decoctiones have been utilized for many years, the common aqueous extract is prepared from fresh decorticated Kava roots in a ratio of 1 part herbal drug and 10 parts of water.