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  • noun

Synonyms for decorousness

conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance

Synonyms for decorousness

propriety in manners and conduct

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A writer who dealt, on the surface anyway, with decorousness and drawing rooms and details, stories set among people for whom a girl walking in the rain without a cloak could be a matter of serious, household-upsetting, alarm and concern.
Yet there is something sad about de Andrade's reticence, as if this decorousness doesn't sit well with an imagination so buoyantly pagan as his.
But emulation encourages the imitator not to merely copy, but to strive to improve the exemplar's judgment and decorousness.
Even Chris Evert, who is remembered for her dainty femininity, dumped all her decorousness when Navratilova started pushing her off the top spot.
It's partly the dryness and hypocrisy of political process that turns us Americans away from it, the drabness of the suits that the (still mostly) men wear, the insistence on lipservice by people in high office to outmoded religious practices, the cliched rhetoric, the necessary show of Victorian decorousness by Presidential families (the First Lady must never Work), the lack of powerful symbols and of connection with scary forces.
The standard accounts of German literature consign Uz not merely to the "sweetly sentimental" but the neoclassically frivolous summed up in the disapproving tag Anacreontic, a mid-eighteenth-century literary movement early Romantics deemed inauthentic given its reputation (not always accurate) for decorousness.
There is no connection between quality of inquiry and decorousness of result.