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in a proper and decorous manner

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An unresisting victim is not a pleasant thing; whether the murder is done decorously in the drawing- room, or brutally on the highway, there should be a struggle to give some plausible excuse for taking a life.
So long as Lady Margaret did not take the arm of that adventurer O'Brien, her father was quite satisfied; and she had not done so, she had decorously gone in with Dr.
And it's a hard thing to pass everything by all one's life, to turn one's back upon everything, to forget one's mother and decorously accept the insults inflicted on one's sister.
And just as Irish bodies were shown as moving decorously and efficiently on stage, a tradition of Irish critical and theatre studies evolved in which the actor's body was treated as holding importance only as a transparent cipher for interpretation.
But he usually treated the female figure decorously.
10) The point is put somewhat more decorously in this way by David Miller in a review of G.
Slowing at the foot of the hill, we regrouped and decorously finished the drive in single file down a much narrower dirt track.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has behaved more decorously than the other "truth monopolists".
Even in ultra-liberal Amherst, where we had thought just about anything goes -- particularly if decorously contained within the pages of a book in the public library -- it turns out that attempts at censorship can still be found.
The threat to her sexual modesty had led Austen to begin correspondence with a previous publisher indirectly, through her brother's lawyer, and subsequently to present herself under a false name as a married woman, while much of her correspondence with Murray was, as I have mentioned, decorously conducted through her brother Henry.
There still seems a boyish enthusiasm as he gambolls around the boundary, buried in his floppy hat, in order to gather the ball before sending it decorously back to the wicketkeeper.
Now he wants the delightful Clare Balding, who lives decorously with her lesbian lover, to compere next year's Winter Olympics in Russian "in an openly lesbian style".
In this bloated roster of nonelected fantasy executive office-holders we have a spectacular efflorescence of nonprofit-sector "progressivism"--the kind that mills decorously on the margins of the system, enrobed in leftish virtue while going about the business of bureaucratic self-promotion and endless self-serving fund-raising; hence the illusion of being "players," without the taint of implication in the crimes of the status quo.
After about a month; he became bored and went away, and the students finally, though still quite decorously, began to ask questions--"Why does Tenente drink so much?
The 2013 celebration decorously themed "Crystal Showers, Eternal Flowers" will feature a well-edited pool of L.