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a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings

someone who decorates

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Springs Window Fashions has introduced the Virtual Decorator feature at http://www.
Through a new alliance with Certified Interior Decorators International (CID), announced today, the interior decorating franchisor Decor&You[R] has declared more than 130 of its decorators in 30 states eligible for CID[R] certification in the interior decorating profession.
Managing director of Tynemouth Decorators Steve Hull said: "There is an ever-increasing demand on all of us to be more ecologically aware and suppliers must be more environmentally sensitive with the products and services they offer.
In fact, the bridge is going nowhere and a team of daring decorators has begun the 16-week task of painting the near-100-year- old structure.
The Royal Bank of Scotland called in decorators to their Bishopbriggs Cross branch, on the outskirts of Glasgow, at the weekend.
While traditional Christmas red and green still dominates, decorators are experimenting with different color schemes, such as burgundy, blue, sage green, purple, pastels, and pinks, on one of their multiple Christmas trees.
Centrum spokesperson stated, "Centrum is making every effort to ensure that our mugs are in full compliance with the society of glass and ceramic decorators current and anticipated 1999 voluntary standards for quality.
On Tuesday, Grossman took the witness stand for a half hour in Van Nuys Municipal Court to testify against decorators Dennis Wilcot and David Sweeney, who are charged with grand theft.
Since 1985, she has taught over 600,000 real estate agents and interior decorators the principles of Staging.
With our 68-year reputation for supplying fine-quality decorative fabrics and exceptional service, we are able to offer decorators what they need to stay competitive.
Washington area homeowners and aspiring decorators will have the chance to meet internationally-acclaimed author and designer Mary Gilliatt, during an exclusive local area appearance.
The owners of Uniquities say 60 percent of buyers there are professional decorators or antique store owners.
Along with natural decorations like pumpkins and cornstalks for the front porch, more decorators are hanging Halloween lights, Christmas-fashion, around the eaves of their home and mounting lighted, even moving, wire sculptures in the yard.