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an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive

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In addition to NEC's history in the development of a unique cellulose-based plastic (NeCycle(R) using non-edible plant materials for use in durable electronic products, we have now developed a new bioplastic that, in addition to high functionality, realizes the decorativeness of Japanese lacquerware, which is highly evaluated throughout the world, and illustrates a beauty well beyond what petroleum-based plastics can provide," said Dr.
She maintains the balance of vocabulary in her works and remains aware of the dangers of decorativeness and ornamentation.
Architectural and decorative characteristics of trees, shrubs and climbing plants (exterior of plants, their size, structure of the trunk and branches, expressiveness of the crown form, decorativeness of leaves, thorns, blossoms, fruits and so on), longevity and rapidity of their growth are analysed in detail.
They were published for the first time in the prestigious art-historical journal Kokka at the beginning of the twentieth century: the Plum screens in 1904(Hamada, "Ogata Korin hitsu baika-zu byobu nitsuite") and the Iris screens in 1907(Hamada, "Ogata Korin hitsu kakitsubata-zu"); and both were described as exemplars of Japanese decorativeness in art.
Their manic activity for activity's sake equates, as something equally futile, with the immobile decorativeness of the living mannequins in the studio.
Decorativeness manifests in eliminating the imperfections of visualisation (for example, hydrograph line work is approximated by splines, a position of letterings is adjusted manually, polygons made transparent etc.
The main features for which they are noted are their colours, their decorativeness and their unique design.
The most representative artist of the period, Tiepolo bridged the drama and grandeur of the Baroque and the frivolity and decorativeness of Rococo.
Flugel argued in 1930, it 'possesses the quality of an externalised skin with its hygienic and erotic functions, as well as that of an ambulant house with its protectiveness, decorativeness and modesty.
Like the decorativeness of verse, the ephemera of "mere" private feeling imply an association with women's experience.
One of several paintings that picture Marthe de Meligny, his model, companion, and wife, the issue here is the woman's identity versus the opacity, decorativeness, and all-over painted surface.
Critics who in the 19th century wished to rescue art from the clutches of the aristocracy (for whom it was just a luxury or a lifestyle enhancer) saw decorativeness as a taint; its equally passionate (and likewise crypto-political) reassertion at the fin de siecle is what gave the Silver Age its irresistible momentum.
3) As a result, he concludes, "what could have been a decorativeness alive with magical transformations now became a loose chain of attractions designed to attract the spectator's pleasure" ("Neo-traditionalism, 59).
Some members of the architectural community criticized the project for unwarranted decorativeness and for the fact that it was not chosen on a competitive basis.