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an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive

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The amount of unusual visualisation solutions (they can either increase or decrease decorativeness and expressiveness) is strongly related with style.
The most representative artist of the period, Tiepolo bridged the drama and grandeur of the Baroque and the frivolity and decorativeness of Rococo.
3) As a result, he concludes, "what could have been a decorativeness alive with magical transformations now became a loose chain of attractions designed to attract the spectator's pleasure" ("Neo-traditionalism, 59).
Some members of the architectural community criticized the project for unwarranted decorativeness and for the fact that it was not chosen on a competitive basis.
I had a lack of faith in the decorativeness of postmodern dance.
Achievement of the maximum expression affects every aspect of structure, so that the mannerisms of the late Romantics, such as showy virtuosity, melodic decorativeness, pomp in terms of sound or overstrained chromatic density are given up, and replaced by simplicity, purity, lightness and the sculpting of expression.
For example, virtually all LTC facilities use corner guards that can meet both permanency and decorativeness tests.
On the other hand, the cartoon highlights the woman's sexual decorativeness by depicting her in only a slip and high heels, with her dress in one hand and her lunch box in the other, as she runs to the car.
In the 1920s, however, Cubism started to be criticized for its decorativeness.
In "Patricia," this led to a unique elegance, in which moments of roughness and of decorativeness were linked and transformed.
Although this seriousness of intent is of course present in the work, it is played off against exquisitely crafted visual forms that delight in their design, decorativeness and colourful pattern and images that are witty and parodic and that make sophisticated connections to art history, in their juxtapositions of Pop, Africa, Art Deco and other styles.
With the notable exception of Instead of Allowing Something to Rise Up to Your Face Dancing Bruce and Dan and Other Things, 2000--which involves the interpreter moving about very slowly while lying on the floor, using gestures drawn from works by Bruce Nauman and Dan Graham, among others, and whose abject horizontality strained powerfully against the surrounding marble figures' aspirations toward eternity--Villa Reale's pristine decorativeness forced a little too much awareness of "inheritance," placing the work within an art-historical and institutional lineage that was at odds with the immediacy of the experience at hand.
Alternately, there were aesthetic approaches to the city, such as the watercolor-and-gouache easel paintings of Silke Otto-Knapp, which captured a tinselly artifice through shimmering gold-and-silver surfaces that rhymed with cheap design but also flirted with vapid decorativeness.
This almost metaphysical use of glass, with its vocabulary of transparency and translucency and its contrast between deep green edges and clear central area, manages to escape the decorativeness that dogs the medium.